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Triware Networld Systems Announces Successful IT Outsourcing Service to Help Client to Grow Rapidly in the Face of the Worst Recession in Recent Memory IT Service & Support Leader Provides IT Architecture Design, Implementation and Support to Address Leading Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider's Worldwide Growth in the Heart of Silicon Valley

Triware Networld Systems to Provide On-going Service and Support, On-site IT Outsourcing and Strategic Assistance to Help NBS to Use IT as One of the Strategic Tools to Become a Fully Integrated, Computerized and Information and Intelligent Driven EMS Providers

September 14, 2010 -- Triware Networld Systems, L.L.C. today announced...

Triware Networld Systems (TNS), a leading Information Technology network service and support provider, today announced its successful architecture design, implementation and maintenance of NBS Corporation's (NBS) IT infrastructure in support of the company's worldwide growth. NBS, a leading Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider, has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2004 and TNS has worked with NBS from day 1 setting up their IT infrastructure and supporting all of the company's IT needs 24x7. Over the last 6 years NBS has grown from 10,000 square feet to 46,000 square feet, its revenue has increased from 2 million to 80 million and the number of computer workstations has increased from 14 to 350, servers from 3 to 30 including locations in California, New Hampshire and Indonesia. TNS has successfully provided NBS with all its IT needs throughout this significant expansion.

It's imperative when starting and growing any new business that you can focus all energies on what you do best and not have to worry about your IT needs," said Michael Kottke, vice president of operations for NBS. "With TNS we don't have to worry about any IT issues. They designed and set up our entire IT architecture, Cisco core switches, state of the art Cisco IP phones, redundant firewalls, IBM Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), servers, SAN, backup systems, coordinated all our cabling, routing and network needs and give us 24x7 support so that we can concentrate on our business.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the most comprehensive IT outsourcing services possible and when NBS opened their remote facilities in 3 separate time zones, we were able to come up with an architecture design, build and configure those facilities' IT equipments in a very short order and have them up and running in a few weeks," said Benson Yeung, senior partner for Triware Networld Systems, L.L.C. "We have worked with Michael for close to two decades over many different companies now, Michael and his team have a very high standard and that is how they win manufacturing in a place where not many other manufacturers can survive. We both believe that Build-In-USA is possible and the results show this. We look forward to continuing to work with Michael's team as their business continues to grow by using IT as one of the strategic tools to become a fully integrated, computerized and information and intelligent driven EMS provider.

NBS is a fully integrated EMS provider headquartered in Northern California. NBS provides end-to-end solutions that include leading-edge services in design engineering, manufacturing engineering, NPI, production, supply chain and logistics, test, box build and systems integration. The company services technology businesses throughout the world and has facilities in Santa Clara, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; Nashua, N.H.; and Jakarta, Indonesia. More information can be found on the NBS website at

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