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Triware Networld Systems, L.L.C.  Announces Plans for New Service & Support Operation Center (SSOC) with Cloud Enabled Features As It Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Company Announces Plans to Roll out SSOC Version 2.5 Capable of Monitoring, Deploying, Managing and Supporting All IP-Enabled Devices Anywhere in The Cloud This Summer

March 14, 2011 -- Triware Networld Systems, L.L.C.1 today announced...

Triware Networld Systems, L.L.C., a leading Information Technology network service and support provider, today announced plans to roll out version 2.5 of its SSOC services as it celebrates the company’s 20th anniversary in business. The company has been delivering world-class IT technology, service and support to San Francisco bay area businesses since its foundation March 1, 1991. The company’s Service & Support Operation Center (SSOC) version 2.5 services, scheduled for release in the summer of 2011, will expand the platform to cover all IP-enabled devices and provide a single comprehensive dashboard to monitor, deploy, manage and support all IP-enabled devices anywhere in the Cloud.

“Since July 15, 2003, our SSOC services have progressed from version 1.0 to version 1.5 which added improved features such as monitoring bank’s ATMs, e-mail queues, temperature, humidity, wetness, and remotely switching on / off any mission critical IT devices to 2.0 in 2006 with the integration of Microsoft Outlook for task management and ticketing,” said Benson Yeung, senior partner for Triware Networld Systems, L.L.C. “We feel it’s appropriate with this key anniversary to continue improving our services and believe that this new version will allow us to more quickly and efficiently address our client’s issues as they arise with all of their IP-enabled devices 24x7. This also continues our vision of being able to monitor, deploy, manage and support all IP-enabled devices in Cloud environment as some of our clients are starting to move some of their IT assets to the Cloud.”

The SSOC service is a 24x7x365 real-time, cloud-enabled network monitor and management operation center providing clients with a low cost, state-of-the-art network and management system that ensures the highest data security available. The center remotely monitors client’s server hardware and applications including Internet services, application servers & general processes, performance & resources and potential security breaches. Triware’s SSOC monitoring offering can detect when a client’s server or process is down and can restart, reboot and install critical security patches as necessary to maintain the client’s critical services. For more information contact us at 408-330-8900 or visit this link

TNS will continue to provide the best service and support to its client base.  TNS features up-to-date consultation, design, implementation and maintenance services to provide solutions for not only present, but also emerging computer-networking technologies.  Experienced associates meet the needs of clients in a quick, efficient and courteous manner.  Providing ethical service combined with years of experience are the hallmarks of TNS.

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