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Some Companies & Organizations We've Served Since March 1991

4Info, Inc. | 4INFO is rethinking mobile advertising with an innovative approach centered on mobile audiences that enables true audience targeting at scale.

The AdHaven Platform includes a next-generation mobile ad server, audience and data management platform, and analytics platform that combine to deliver the most advanced targeting and highest ROI in the mobile advertising industry. AdHaven partners with the world’s leading data providers, inventory exchanges, and ad-sources to bridge the gap between mobile inventory and online advertising spend. Publishers and app developers use AdHaven to sell and manage mobile inventory or optimize revenue.

The AdHaven Audience Network serves targeted mobile ads for the world’s top agencies and brands like Ford, Universal Pictures, KFC, Kmart, Amtrak, and Proctor & Gamble. The AdHaven Audience network is made up of a large network of well-known web properties and apps, offering a complete suite of mobile ad units in mobile web, apps, video and SMS. Premium publishers include brands such as Gannett, CBS, NBC, Discovery Channel, Yahoo!, AOL, the National Basketball Association, IAC, E!, and The Weather Channel.

Acceler8, Inc. | Acceler8 is a unique company that combines the engineering, operations, and business-development expertise of its founders. Our unique approach to supply management brings our small customers the buying power of the largest OEMs, and delivers the flexibility of a start-up to established OEMs and Contract Manufacturers.

Actavis Group | The Actavis Group is a leading player in the development, manufacture and sale of high-quality generic pharmaceuticals. Actavis' recent acquisition of the generics business of Alpharma positions the company among the five leading generic pharmaceutical companies in the world, with 10,000 employees in over 30 countries. Founded in 1956, the Group now operates across five continents and has its headquarters in Iceland. Actavis is a financially strong and profitable business that has experienced rapid growth and good profitability in recent years. Actavis is a listed company on the Icelandic Stock Exchange Actavis, with a market capitalization over US$2 billion as of December 2005. When it comes to IT environmental monitoring for this 2 billion dollar company, Actavis Group turns to TNS for our software in helping them accomplish their mission.

ADDS Pharmaceuticals, LLC | ADDS Pharmaceuticals, privately funded by Encinal Pharmaceutical Investment, LLC, is a biopharmaceutical company specialized in the development of optimized medicines using its diversified delivery technologies for unmet therapeutical needs. ADDS Pharmaceuticals is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, USA. The Company's most advanced technologies include AQUA Nano, fast onset orally dispersible tablets (Fonset), Osmotic capsules with various release profiles including constant, ascending, spatial and temporal release(OsmoCap-CAST), and controlled release of bioavailability-enhancing liquid formulations (L-OROS). Currently, ADDS is actively developing and commercializing multiple nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products, as well as seeking new partnerships to further diversify our product portfolio. When it comes to ADDS's IT needs, they turn to TNS for a complete IT outsourcing services.

Alameda Contra-Costa Transit District | AC Transit is an innovative, modern bus system, owned by the public of the East Bay. Its family tree dates back to 1869, the year America's two coasts were joined by transcontinental rail. In that year, AC Transit's first predecessor began carrying passengers from the foot of Broadway through burgeoning Oakland in a horse-drawn rail car.

Alfa Tech Cambridge Group | The leaders of Alfa Tech Cambridge Group (ATCG) have diverse backgrounds in project and construction management, mechanical design, electrical design, technology, construction, and architecture. Each has many years experience in their respective disciplines and this, combined with the resources of the rest of the firm, brings a unique strength and expertise to each of our client's projects.

Our three divisions work in unison to create environments and facilities that not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients. We offer creative solutions, expert knowledge and experience to our clients. We focus our project teams consistently on owner/project aspirations, goals and expectations. ATCG allows our clients to do what they do better.

Alta Energy, Inc. | Alta Energy is THE marketplace for the deployment of renewable energy systems for commercial properties. Whether you are an enterprise, commercial property owner, financier, technology vendor, integrator, installer or a service provider, you can depend on AltaE’s proprietary marketplace to find the right solution at the right time for your specific needs. When it comes to IT, Alta Energy turns to TNS for a complete IT outsourcing service and support including using our SSOC services as it goes forward growing its business and support its customers.

Amber Networks, Inc. | Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA, Amber designs, develops and markets highly scalable and environmentally resistant communications products and operates both VoIP and various packet based wireless networks. Using best-of-breed technologies from around the world, Amber has developed its own proprietary systems and software to integrate, provision, manage, and support communications networks ranging from small deployments to major international efforts.  Ambers turns to TNS for on going IT service and support including using our SSOC services as it goes forward growing its business and support its customers.

Appcelerator, Inc. | Appcelerator offers the only platform built for a Mobile First world. It is the mobile platform of choice for thousands of companies including eBay, Merck, Mitsubishi Electric, NBC, PayPal and Ray-Ban, as they become Mobile First enterprises. With 50,246 mobile applications deployed on 124,180,943 devices, the Appcelerator Platform helps enterprises accelerate their time to market, reduce costs, manage risk, and deliver exceptional mobile user experiences. When it comes to IT solutions, Appcelerator hires TNS to be on their side to assist with their IT needs.

Basil Zaru Construction | Basil Zaru Construction (BZC) is dedicated to helping you realize your residential and commercial dreams. Whether it's a small or large addition, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, repair and restoration, new construction, build-out of retail or office space, you can be absolutely confident that we will guide you through every step of the process to make it easy and enjoyable. When it comes to satisfy BZC customers IT need, BZC partners with TNS to deliver realizable IT solutions to its customers.

BiTMICRO Networks, Inc. | BiTMICRO® Networks, a privately held California corporation, develops high performance flash cards, flash drives / disks, network attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN), SCSI, IDE / ATA, Fibre Channel, USB, cPCI, and VME solid state drive solutions based on FlashBus™ patented technology.  Boeing, Cisco, GE, HP, IBM, Intel, MIT, Microsoft, NASA, Stanford University, US Air Force, US Army, US Marines and US Navy are some of their customers.  TNS was referred to BiTMICRO by one of our satisfied clients providing IT related services including our SSOC services.

BlueArc Corporation | BlueArc Corporation changes the economics of network storage by delivering products that protect customers' storage investment and scale to meet the explosive growth of enterprise data. BlueArc SiliconServers adapt to changing application and capacity needs, simplifying management, accelerating productivity and protecting long-term investments.

The revolutionary SiliconServer Architecture and Silicon File System - the first file system entirely in hardware - deliver unparalleled performance and scalability that not only keeps pace with current networking infrastructures, but also scale to meet the networking speeds of the future.

BlueArc's goal is to provide our customers the most scalable network storage solutions alongside the best total cost of ownership with superior return on investment.

Since 1998, BlueArc has provided reliable products, services and solutions to help enterprises achieve unmatched productivity and profitability from their data.

Catalog Data Solutions, Inc. | Catalog Data Solutions, Inc. is a leading SaaS provider of product search, configuration, and online CAD solutions for Industrial Suppliers. Founded in 2005 with headquarters in San Jose, CA, USA.

Capital Insurance Group | Founded in 1898, CIG covers personal, commercial and agricultural property against a variety of potential losses, damage and liability. But CIG believes that insurance coverage should be only the first step in your protection plan.

When it comes to modernizing its entire Information Technology (IT) infrastructure for all of the 18 locations, CIG selects TNS out of the other three IT solution providers as the firm to help migrating existing legacy IT systems to more a secure and integrated environment.

Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corporation | Cinedigm is the leader in providing the services, experience, technology and content critical to transforming movie theaters into digital and networked entertainment centers. The Company is a technology and services integrator that works with Hollywood movie studios, independent movie distributors, and exhibitors to bring movies in digital cinema format to audiences across the country. Cinedigm's digital cinema deployment organization, software, unique combined satellite and hard drive digital movie delivery network; pre-show in-theater advertising services; and distribution platform for alternative content such as CineLive® 3-D and 2-D sports and concerts, thematic programming and independent movies provide a complete suite of services required to enable the digital theater conversion.

When it comes to its world-wide data center architecture and security, Cinedigm turns to TNS for its data center build-up project from architecture and security prototyping, complete world-wide roll-out to on-going maintenance and support.

Cogent Solutions, Inc. | CSI provides IT services to its clients in San Francisco Bay Area.

Complete Genomics, Inc. | Complete Genomics (CGI) is a high-performance DNA sequencing company whose mission is to dramatically reduce the cost of DNA sequencing for research, drug development, and diagnostic applications.

Founded in 2005 in Sunnyvale, CA, the company has developed a novel combination of high-density DNA nanoarrays, sequencing-by-hybridization and combinatorial probe-ligation chemistry, and high-performance computing techniques that promise to provide researchers and clinicians with fast, accurate, and inexpensive complete human genome sequencing.

CompServ, Inc. | CompServ, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of "one-stop" electronic and mechanical services unrivaled in the industry. From product design, through contract manufacturing, to test of complete systems, they offer quick-turn solutions for engineering builds and time-critical production needs, as well as volume production. We combine the appropriate talent, methods, and materials to complete the most demanding of projects.  When it comes to on-going IT support, CompServ chooses TNS SSOC as their one-stop services.

CPCI International | A basic rule of investing is to seek value. Value is what you will find at CPIC International! We are a San Francisco investment manager offering you:


Customized investment management to meet your individual needs


Retirement planning, tax issue review, etc. related to your investment strategy


More than 23 years experience managing investment portfolios


A sophisticated, disciplined approach to portfolio management


An excellent track record in both up and down markets


You work directly with a CPIC principal—not an associate or salesperson


Low asset-based management fees and superior personal service


CPIC’s principals hold MBA degrees from the University of California at Berkeley

EMCORE Corporation | EMCORE Corporation (NASDAQ: EMKR), offers a broad portfolio of compound semiconductor-based components and subsystems for the broadband, fiber optic, satellite, and wireless communications markets. EMCORE has three operating segments: Fiber Optics, Photovoltaics, and Electronic Materials and Devices. The Company's integrated solutions philosophy embodies state-of-the-art technology, material science expertise, and a shared vision of our customer's goals and objectives to be leaders in the transport of video, voice, and data, over copper, hybrid fiber/coax (HFC), fiber, satellite, and wireless networks. EMCORE's solutions include: optical components and subsystems for fiber-to-the-premise, cable television, and high speed data and telecommunications networks; solar cells, solar panels, and fiber optic ground station links for global satellite communications; and electronic materials for high bandwidth wireless communications systems, such as Wi-Fi Internet access and 3G mobile handsets and PDA devices.  EMCORE outsource their Silicon Valley IT operations to TNS.

Endwave Corporation | was originally incorporated in California in 1991 as Endgate Corporation and subsequently re-incorporated in Delaware in 1995. Endgate was focused on the development and manufacture of millimeter wave circuits and functional modules. The core vision revolved around developing unique ways to cost-effectively produce these very high frequency and historically labor intensive circuits. In 2000, we merged with TRW Milliwave, Inc. and changed our name from Endgate to Endwave Corporation. On October 17, 2000, we successfully completed the IPO of our common stock, resulting in a listing on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol ENWV.

As the company has grown, we have continually focused on bringing new technologies forward and refining our manufacturing practices with the goal of moving very high frequency millimeter wave technology from the lab to practical products. Through the years we have worked with many industry leading OEMs to develop superior systems and introduced millimeter wave technology into new applications. Today, our main focus is the development and production of millimeter wave modules and devices used in communication systems throughout the world. Endwave is recognized as a clear technology leader in this field and we have introduced many industry firsts in both technology and manufacturing.

When it comes to efficiency and value of running its IT operations.  Endwave (which founded at the same year as TNS) outsources their entire World-Wide IT infrastructure operations in six locations including their manufacture site to TNS.

Evotest, Inc. | Evotest was founded to help you Enhance the Value Of PCBA Test. We accomplish this through our X-Ray and optical inspection test expertise, a strong industry network and a passion to see our customers succeed.

FastNet International | FastNet is a Brighton based ISP that was started in 1995 by businessmen dissatisfied with the service and support they were receiving from the few early ISPs that were operating at the time. Our network is UK based and highly resilient. With multiple high speed links to the rest of the Internet and a policy of peering openly with other UK based ISPs we offer excellent connectivity. Our equipment is carrier class and we firmly believe in replacing equipment long before it becomes unreliable.  FastNet purchased TNS SSOC IT environment monitoring software for helping its on going monitoring abilities to serve its customer base.

Foodcomm International | Foodcomm International is a leader in providing the highest quality imported meats and meat by-products throughout North America. Founded in 1988, Foodcomm's attention to service and quality begins with our hand-picked producers and carries through to a company dedicated to giving you the very best.

Galileo Planning Group, Inc. | Galileo Planning Group provides comprehensive financial management for their clients.  TNS provides the firm with complete SSOC and IT outsourcing services

Gener8, Inc. | Gener8 was founded in Silicon Valley in 2002 to provide complete product design and manufacturing services to high tech and medical product companies. Since that time we have grown rapidly and enlarged our team to meet the growing needs of our clients. Our 40,000 sq. ft. facility includes fully equipped, state of the art engineering and manufacturing facilities, including Class 100, 1,000 and 10,000 clean rooms for optical subassemblies.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company | The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is a manufacturer and marketer of premium chocolate products.  Incorporated in 1852 and in continuous operation since then, Ghirardelli has the richest heritage of any American chocolate company.  Ghirardelli continues to honor its heritage of this day.

Ghirardelli is one of the few companies in America that controls the entire chocolate manufacturing process, from cocoa bean to finished product.  This control over the manufacturing process combined with Ghirardelli's proprietary bean blend and unique methods of roasting and processing, ensures that you are rewarded with the highest quality and richest products.

GigOptix, Inc. | GigOptix is a leading supplier of high performance electronic and electro-optic components that enable next generation 40G and 100G fiber-optic telecommunications and data-communications networks. Their solutions not only drive the lasers and modulate the light on the transmit side but also amplify tiny signals from the receiving side of the fiber to enable precise and robust end-to-end connectivity in high speed communication systems.  When it comes to IT operations, GigOptix outsources their complete world-wide IT needs to TNS.

Global Startups, LLC | Global Startups is an extremely focused organization offering business development, consulting, and tech transfer services. The company has a strong customer focus, combining several disciplines, tasks, skills and activities. With a proven track record in the IT and telecommunications market, Global Startups is part of the unique and dynamic Silicon Valley ecosystem, and advises clients on latest trends and happenings.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church | Holy Cross Lutheran Church
15885 Los Gatos Almaden Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032-3803.  TNS provides the church with complete SSOC and outsourcing IT services.

InfoVista Technology Group | InfoVista Technology Group is a Global Consulting and Information Technology Services Corporation based in California with presence in India, UK and Middle East. TNS was brought in by the referral of AT&T to assist in converting their PBX to use latest AT&T's product and services.

Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. | In less than five short years, Intero Real Estate Services has established itself as one of the premier real estate brokerages in the nation. In 2002, the founders formed Intero to fill a client service void that was missing in the real estate industry. In July of 2005 Intero was recognized by REALTOR® Magazine, the official magazine of the National Association of REALTORS®, as the fastest growing real estate company in the nation. Intero was ranked #1 out of the approximately 80,000 brokerages nationwide in growth of sales and transaction sides with 167.6% and 128.3% increases respectively. Currently, Intero has over 60 offices with more than 2200 sales associates serving Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada and Texas.  When it comes to expansion to a new office, Intero agent Diane McDermott engages TNS to roll out the entire IT infrastructure for the new San Jose office.

Jamba Juice, Inc. | Jamba Juice's mission is to establish Jamba as the world's leading source of healthy energy in the form of freshly blended beverages with an uncompromising commitment to making a difference through their values. To become more proactive in Jamba Juice's IT infrastructure operation, TNS was referred in by our business partner Quest Software to help tuning Jamba Juice's IT infrastructure monitor and management platform to provide the best value possible.

Jasper Wireless, Inc. | Jasper Wireless delivers M2M applications globally.

Karna Global Technologies, Inc. | Karna Global Technologies, Inc., a global software systems integrator and IT strategy firm, chose TNS for its Global Wide Area Network architectural design this month. Karna, which deploys 150 software engineering professionals globally, also bought TNS’s Green Book for internal use and high-end IT consultation.

Krugle, Inc. | Krugle answers the need for a single place to find relevant code and critical technical information. By making it easy for anyone to find, elevate and communicate, Krugle fills a critical gap in today's technology rich environment.  TNS provides IT operational helps to this startup.  When it comes to a single place for on-going IT support, Krugle finds the answer in TNS SSOC services.

Lin-Zhi International, Inc. | Lin-Zhi International, Inc. (LZI), located in Santa Clara, California, is a biotechnology company that has been in business since 1998. LZI specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic reagents for drugs of abuse. LZI is dedicated to the development of innovative and quality products for clinical diagnostics.

Mary Dental | Dr. Divya Doshi is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional. Over the past 15 years, Dr. Doshi has personally cared for hundreds of patients of many walks of life with a wide range of problems. Her goal is to provide you with the highest quality of education, treatment options and care.

Meckler & Miller | The firm specializes in providing mediation and family law services.

Mission San Francisco Federal Credit Union  | Mission SF Federal Credit Union is a federally-chartered nonprofit 501(c)(1) community development credit union that primarily serves low and moderate-income communities in San Francisco. Mission SF Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1971 and is organized under strict regulatory laws that are monitored and enforced by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the United States Government. As a certified Community Development Financial Institution, or CDFI, Mission SF’s purpose has remained unchanged: to encourage fiscal literacy, asset building, and credit that contributes to the individual, commercial, and housing development needs of this predominantly low-income and underserved community.

Morningstar, Inc. | Morningstar is a trusted source for insightful information on stocks, mutual funds, variable annuities, closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds, separate accounts, hedge funds, and 529 college savings plans. With operations in 16 countries, they currently provide data on more than 125,000 investment offerings worldwide.  When it comes to trusting their IT environmental monitoring for their IT data center, Morningstar purchase several sets of IT environmental monitoring systems from TNS.

Mutual Assistance Network of Del Paso Heights | Mutual Assistance Network of Del Paso Heights, Sacramental California provides various social services to low incoming families.  We helped out setting up their T1 connections between their remote and main office.

N8 Systems, Inc. | N8's mission is effective Business Process Definition - how to achieve it, share it, and exploit it.  N8 Scenario™ is an automated visualization solution that empowers business people using plain English to design, validate, and manage their own process models with ease through intuitive text-to-graphics iteration.  By automating the critical first steps of business process modeling, N8 Scenario enables the business user to achieve effective process definitions with stunning efficiency. Once discovered, optimized and represented in N8 Scenario, these definitions become clear, consistent and complete blueprints for developing truly effective business processes.   N8 process definitions are complementary to all business process analysis methodologies and process modeling offerings.  When it comes to making sure N8's IT process is sound and effective, N8 subscribes to TNS's SSOC services.

NetContinuum, Inc. | NetContinuum, Inc. was founded in 1999 by a team of senior engineers with deep experience building carrier-grade, application-aware networking and security systems.  Hailing from the heart of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, California, NetContinuum has over 100 employees worldwide. NetContinuum has regional offices in Bangalore, India, Tokyo, Japan, and throughout the United States.

NetDeposit, LLC | NetDeposit enables businesses to streamline their revenue collection and management with proven payment technologies. Through its three solutions groups — Financial Services, Merchant, and Healthcare — NetDeposit is the first payments company to deliver comprehensive payment products and services focused on the unique needs of businesses within multiple markets.

New Novus Capital | TBA

Nexus Management, Inc. | Founded in the United Kingdom in 1989, Nexus began as a communication services company specializing in implementing email solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses throughout Europe. They have since grown into a global provider of comprehensive strategic and technical solutions for a number of international companies operating across a variety of business sectors. Nexus Management, Inc. purchased TNS SSOC software technology for using in their world class Data Centre located in the United States.

Nova Measuring Instruments, Inc. | Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. is a leading provider of advanced, high-performance metrology solutions for semiconductor manufacturing worldwide. Used by over 80% of the largest integrated-circuit manufacturers, Nova’s solutions deliver the high-volume complex measurements required for effective process control.

Nova offers a selection of integrated and Stand-Alone metrology platforms, which are complimented by the powerful NovaMARS® modeling engine. This flexible offering enables Nova to partner with semiconductor manufacturers throughout the entire product lifecycle; from application development to high-volume production.

Featuring a unique combination of Spectroscopic Reflectometry and Scatterometry, Nova’s metrology solutions measure a wide variety of features and parameters including CD, trench depth, photoresist height, thickness and shape of complex layer stacks. With Nova, you get the tight wafer-to-wafer and within-wafer control necessary to develop and produce advanced 2D/3D structures for high-end semiconductor devices.

Founded in 1993, Nova’s headquarters are located in Israel and the company has offices in Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, China, United States, Japan and Europe.

Novus Ventures | We are happy to announce that Novus Ventures, a venture capital firm and longtime TNS client, subscribed to TNS’s SSOC services. So far, TNS has already prevented one potential problem for the company, which manages $150 million and serves 26 portfolio companies.

Operating Engineers Federal Credit Union | Since 1964, members of Operating Engineers Federal Credit Union (OEFCU) have combined their resources to create one of the strongest financial institutions in the country. This strength allows us to offer a wide range of high quality products and services at affordable prices. Meeting your financial needs has been and will continue to be our strong commitment. When it comes to source high quality of IT service & support, OEFCU turns to TNS for high end security network help to secure 20 some its locations.

Pacific Maritime Association | The principal business of the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) is to negotiate and administer maritime labor agreements with the International Long shore and Warehouse Union (ILWU).  The membership of the PMA consists of American flag operators, foreign flag operators, and stevedore and terminal companies that operate in California, Oregon, and Washington ports.  PMA, is a long time TNS client, just added 15 TNS Service & Support Operation Center (SSOC) nodes including the ability to monitor PMA data center humidity, temperature, wetness and ability to remotely cold-boot mission critical devices via IP.  Over the years, PMA has outsourced building and maintaining their multi-location firewalls, WAN site to site VPNs and related security tasks to TNS.  Most recently, TNS has been helping PMA to migrate their Windows NT 4 network to Windows 2003 across all of their eight locations.

Pacific Ocean Auto Parts Company | Pacific-Ocean Auto Parts Company (PAPCO) is a fifteen year old company distributing Motorcraft, Ford Accessories, ACDELCO, MOPAR, and aftermarket parts to Northern California Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealers, GM dealers, warehouse distributors, parts houses, repair facilities, and fleets. PAPCO currently services clients via company owned trucks; outlying areas are serviced by independent delivery services.

In order to improve what PAPCO refers to as the "ease of doing business”, we have a fully staffed customer service department for person to person sales; sales representatives who are available to assist with programs, purchases, and returns; and IT interfaces such as on-line catalog look-up and ordering as well as RO integration for clients using shop management systems. PAPCO’s goal is to have flexible plans that can be tailored to a client’s profit and service needs.

Photonera Corporation | Photonera designs, develops and manufactures advanced semiconductor laser transmitters and receivers using advanced photonic integration technology.

Pivot Interiors, Inc. | From small beginnings to one of the largest Herman Miller Dealers in the U.S. The year was 1973. Gas was 40 cents a gallon and a loaf of bread was just a quarter. And in the Baugh family home in Los Altos, California, partners Boyd Baugh and Clive Nall were making big plans. The duo had converted the Baugh garage into a workshop and office for Space Designs, Inc. – their start-up school furniture and equipment company.

Two years after founding the company, the partners took a decisive step, becoming a Herman Miller furniture dealer. Over the next 25 years, the company established its reputation as an innovative and reliable supplier to Silicon Valley clients, large and small.

In 1999, Space Designs merged with another successful San Jose company – CRI – to create Pivot Interiors. Since then, Pivot has provided solutions for hundreds of companies seeking effective workplace environments that meet their individual needs, increase productivity and strengthen their corporate identity.

Today, Pivot has seven locations throughout California. Our alignment of expertise, resources and innovative solutions lets us serve customers up and down the coast, and makes Pivot the largest Herman Miller dealer in the state.

When it comes to IT resources and innovative solutions, Pivot Interiors turned to TNS for its seven locations helpdesk outsourcing and other services and support to help achieving its business goals.

Pivot Point Law, P.C. | Pivot Point is a boutique firm that specializes in all matters in the insolvency arena, including Chapter 11 reorganization, distressed mergers & acquisitions and commercial litigation, with an emphasis on lender and creditor representations. The firm is committed to providing excellent client service under the principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality. Pivot Point is comprised of attorneys who have previously practiced at substantially larger firms. This gives our clients the depth and breadth of experience of those larger firms, combined with the personalized and cost-effective service of a boutique.  When it comes to IT infrastructure setup and ongoing support, Pivot Point turns to TNS for our cost-effective service of a boutique.

Promptu Systems Corporation | Delivering fast and precise voice-enabled search, the Promptu platform is optimized to deliver a single, seamless user experience for mobile customers. For operators, this means connecting subscribers directly to the content they want. The results are measured in more sales, higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, and new revenue streams.  When it comes to its internal IT needs, Promptu referred to TNS to provide complete IT outsourcing and SSOC services.

Polaris Networks, Inc. | Polaris serves the needs of today's telecommunications service providers by delivering a new generation optical transport switch for metro core networks. The system combines the functions of a wideband, broadband and super-broadband Digital Cross-connect System (DCS) with SONET ADM transport and is complemented by an advanced element management system. The Polaris solution is tailored to dramatically reduce capital and operational expenses, increase service velocity, and unlock additional revenues in metro infrastructures.

QuantumScape Corporation | QuantumScape Corporation is a startup company. The QuantumScape offices are located in the center of Silicon Valley in San Jose, California.  TNS provides complete IT outsourcing services to QuantumScape.

Rio Visa C.A.R.E., Inc. | TNS had donated our time, travel and services to Rio Visa C.A.R.E., Inc..  Rio Visa C.A.R.E., Inc. is a local nonprofit organization that provides counseling to children. We will be donating on-going support, along with our SSOC services, to the agency.  Cisco, Microsoft, Symantec,  Veritas and TNS had jointly donated to this project.

Rocket EMS, Inc. | TNS is the sole IT outsourcer to this new startup company - the world best prototype and New Product Introduction (NPI) service center in Silicon Valley.  TNS provides not only day-to-day IT operational support but also provides strategic vision and tactical know-how to increase the competitiveness of Rocket EMS's operations.

Rusalka Technologies, Inc. | Rusalka Technologies is a group of business professionals who all possess more than a decade of IT experience. It is this background that has brought about the belief that your business goals drive your technology requirements, not vice versa. It is our job to support your business goals with required technology and when applicable, introduce increased efficiencies through the use of technical solutions.  Rusalka Technologies acquires our IT environmental monitor software for using in its IT practice.

S. H. Silver Company, Inc. | Since 1980, S. H. Silver Company has been acquiring some of the finest estate jewelry in the world and designing some of the most exquisite custom pieces you will find anywhere. The collection of S.H. Silver Company includes Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and more recent 'Retro' pieces. Signed and period pieces are the company's specialty and many are from prestigious jewelry houses, including such revered names as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston and Patek Philippe.  TNS provides complete IT outsourcing services to S. H. Silver Company.

Exquisitely crafted in platinum and 18 karat gold, using rare and valuable gems like Burmese rubies, Kashmir sapphires, old mine Colombian emeralds, and fancy colored and high-quality white diamonds, S.H Silver Company pieces are exceptional in quality and extraordinary in style.

S.H. Silver Company is the exclusive estate jewelry purveyor in the greater Northern California area with offices in Menlo Park and San Francisco. Affiliate offices are located in Philadelphia, Beverly Hills, New York, Geneva and Hong Kong.

Setcom Corporation | Setcom Corporation is a leading manufacturer of communications equipment for police motorcycle officers, firefighters, rescue personnel and industrial users.  Firefighters and police officers have relied on Setcom's communications equipment for over thirty years.  A pioneer in its markets, Setcom is still a leader because it works with users to develop the kind of innovative, tailor-made products professionals depend on.  Public safety professionals in all fifty states, most major US cities, and more than twenty countries worldwide rely on Setcom.  When it comes to IT needs, Setcom calls upon TNS to provide a complete outsourced solution tailor-made to fit Setcom's specific needs including using TNS SSOC services to ensure Setcom's customers like police officers, firefighters and rescue personnel can depend on.

Shandam Consulting | Shandam Consulting specializes in helping businesses get the most out of their computer networks. Shandam Consluting purchases our Information Technology (IT) environmental monitor software for using in its IT practice.

Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. | Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, SST designs, manufactures and markets a diversified range of nonvolatile memory solutions, based on proprietary, patented SuperFlash® technology, for high volume applications in the digital consumer, networking, wireless communications and Internet computing markets.  TNS was brought in to help trouble-shooting and enhancing its world-wide Microsoft Windows Active Directory and Exchange infrastructure.

Sky Hooks, L.L.C. | Sky Hooks is a startup company referred to us by our business partner Microsoft.  TNS provides the firm with complete IT outsourcing and SSOC services.

Skytree, Inc. | Skytree’s Machine Learning platform gives organizations the power to discover deep analytic insights, predict future trends, make recommendations and reveal untapped markets and customers. Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning are quickly becoming must-have technologies in the age of Big Data, and Skytree provides the Enterprise-grade foundation. Skytree’s flagship product – Skytree Server – is the only general purpose scalable Machine Learning system on the market, built for the highest accuracy at unprecedented speed and scale. TNS provides the firm with services and ongoing support for securing and connecting sites and data center for both development and business operations.

St. Matthew's Episcopal Day School | The School’s mission is to inspire, through an academically challenging course of study, the intellectual curiosity, confidence, moral courage, and character that prepare students to be leaders of positive change in the world.

Grounded in the Episcopal tradition, our CORE VALUES are:
• Academic Excellence
• Service to Others
• Respect for Diversity
• Compassionate Community

Symantec Corporation | Symantec is a global leader in infrastructure software, enabling businesses and consumers to have confidence in a connected world. The company helps customers protect their infrastructure, information and interactions by delivering software and services that address risks to security, availability, compliance and performance. Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Symantec has operations in more than 40 countries.

The AME Group | The AME Group brings together decades of experience in Worker's Compensation examinations with a remarkable breadth of subspecialties. Their goal is to provide comprehensive, authoritative and fair medical-legal reports to both sides in a disputed worker's compensation case in a timely manner.  When it comes to IT solutions such integrated PBX, VoIP, firewall, WAN connectivity and on-going maintenance, The AME Group turns to TNS for our experience and our advanced SSOC services.

The Carey School | The mission of The Carey School is to inspire in their students a life-long love of learning and the pursuit of excellence within a diverse community that nurtures a deep sense of kindness, respect for others, and personal responsibility. The school turns to TNS for our comprehensive SSOC services as well as outsourced ongoing onsite service & support.

Transatlanic Reinsurance Company | Transatlantic Holdings, Inc. (TRH) is a leading international reinsurance organization headquartered in New York, with operations worldwide. TRH’s subsidiaries, Transatlantic Reinsurance Company® (TRC), Trans Re Zurich (TRZ) and Putnam Reinsurance Company (Putnam), offer reinsurance capacity on both a treaty and facultative basis -- structuring programs for a full range of property and casualty products, with an emphasis on specialty risks. When it comes to insure IT environmental monitoring, TRH uses TNS's SSOC technology in their monitoring software.

Versatile Power, Inc. | Versatile Power designs and produces custom electronic subsystems for manufacturers of complex products. We specialize in the application of RF, DC, ultrasonics and lasers for a wide range of advanced technological applications.

XenSource, Inc. | XenSource develops and supports the industry's best infrastructure virtualization technology, the open source Xen hypervisor. Founded and run by the original Xen development team, XenSource provides expertise to the enterprise in their deployment of virtualization technology and is the home of the worldwide Xen development community.  TNS helps XenSource to set up and maintain effective communication and collaboration platform to facilitate its management and development teams world-wide to work with each other whenever and wherever they are.  XenSource was referred to TNS by one of its venture capital firms.

Zircon Corporation | Founded in 1975, privately held Zircon Corporation began as a manufacturer of an innovative line of digital watches, and owned and operated the Fairchild Channel-F video game division.

In 1980, Zircon leapt into traditional hardware lines by leveraging its extensive experience in consumer electronics, to develop the StudSensor™ stud finder, the original electronic hand tool. Then as now, StudSensor™ stud finders pinpoint wood and metal studs and other objects hidden within walls, above ceilings, and under flooring.

Today, the StudSensor™ stud finder remains the top selling electronic hand tool in the world, with more than 30 million units sold through tens of thousands of retail locations worldwide.

Zouves Fertility Center | In December of 1999, Dr. Zouves realized a dream with the establishment of Zouves Fertility Center. Believing that age, marital status, relationship arrangement or financial situation should not limit anyone from being treated; Dr. Zouves and his team provide the latest treatments, with the most technologically advanced techniques, in his state-of-the-art facility.

Infertility affects 6.1 million Americans. At some point, one out of every six couples will have a problem with infertility. However, advances in assisted reproductive technology (ART) have made it possible for the vast majority of couples who have been diagnosed with infertility to fulfill thier dreams of having a baby.

By the time a couple walks through the door at Zouves Fertility Center and meets Dr. Zouves, they have usually been through the fertility medicine mill. Many have been told that there is no hope, that they just can’t have children. Offering a unique combination of hope, compassion, and cutting-edge technology, Dr. Zouves changes that for many of his patients. They often leave his care with their dreams fulfilled, expecting one child or more.

When it comes to IT solutions such integrated PBX, VoIP and on-going maintenance, Zouves Fertility Center turns to TNS for our experience and our advanced SSOC services.

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