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Solution 1:

The call came in at 6:30pm to our 24-hour emergency hot line. The file server crashed containing invaluable computer source code upon which the client's production line was totally dependent.  The administrator was on vacation and the tape backup had not been done for a week. To add fuel to the fire, no one knew where the old tape backups were stored.

Within one hour, one of our most seasoned Certified NetWare Engineers was dispatched to the scene. The high for that day’s temperature was hovering at 100 degrees, and the crashed file server was located in a room without air-conditioning.  The engineer immediately opened the file server cover allowing the 600MB and 2GB SCSI hard disks to cool down.

After an hour, the engineer managed to bring the file server up with one hard disk set outside the file server to reduce the heat problem until an external chassis was purchased.  This client learned the hard way of the environmental conditions that must be met for hardware to function properly.

Solution 2:

Another client was using NT software RAID for mission critical design information when the system crashed.  Additional problems contributing to the situation was the fact that the last complete backup was 9 months old. 

Painstaking file recovery procedures were put into place.  We then used our partnership capabilities with Microsoft to recover the mission critical files.  This resulted in the successful recovery of all data in the RAID within 3 days.

Needless to say, this client instituted backup procedures on a regular basis to preclude another potentially disastrous situation.

Solution 3:

And yet another client’s NetWare server was crashing on the average of every two hours.  Complicating the situation was the fact that the infrastructure consisted of multiple hardware vendors. 

Contact was made with the various hardware vendors in an effort to make the infrastructure a homogenous working solution.  The effort to reduce the impact on the business inherently caused an inordinate period of time to ultimately discover the solution.

TNS engineers exhibited a persistent attitude by working nonstop for 4 days and 3 nights in conjunction with the multiple hardware vendors to successfully recover files and bring the system back on line.  This particular client was the benefactor of the resolve of TNS engineers to successfully conclude a particularly difficult situation.

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