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2013-10-15 -- Best practices for combating integration problems | Integration is the big problem that solution providers are there to handle for their customers, but that doesn't mean solving integration problems comes easy to them. Integrating new technologies with a customer's existing technologies or integrating disparate technologies to create a new, marketable solution both pose challenges that successful solution providers must learn to overcome.

2013-09-15 -- How to mitigate risk associated with a customer's potential data breach | When it comes to managed and cloud services, regardless of who you talk to, security is a touchy subject. No one denies the importance of a good defense, but no one wants to accept the risk of a breach, either. Service providers can adopt best practices to mitigate risk, but industry experts say there’s no way to completely eliminate the risk associated with data breach.

2013-06-25 -- Managed Print: Market Size, Solutions, Pro Perspectives |  Resellers who understand that printers and copiers can provide a regular revenue stream with high margins are in a position to help their customers and their own bottom lines.

2013-01-01 -- Selling WAN optimizers: No longer a specialty skill set |  It's time for technology solution providers to stop thinking about WAN acceleration and optimization as a specialty networking skill set.

WAN optimizers are becoming a far more commonplace part of overall network equipment strategy discussions. Indeed, IDC expected WAN acceleration to be one of the fastest growing pieces of the network equipment market in 2012, reaching $1.3 billion in revenue.

2012-12-15 -- Information record trends 2013: Five channel prohibited spots |  Feeling a clarity of déjà vu? You should, given many themes that dominated record solution providers’ strategies in 2012 will continue to expostulate a bulletin in 2013.

Here are 5 of a biggest information record trends approaching to come adult mostly in customer conversations in a year to come — regardless of either your association chooses to build services or business practices around them.

2012-12-01 -- Triware Networld Systems, L.L.C. Was Built Using 100 Percent Referrals |  TNS, in Silicon Valley, was built using 100 percent referrals. My thought has always been, "Take really good care of existing clients, and they will take care of you." Our elevator pitch at TNS is, "We are your family doctors for your IT needs."  Like in the old days, the family doctor implies good service and a caring approach.

2011-11-01 -- Disaster Recovery Applications Drive SMB Virtualization Adoption |  Interest in server virtualization among small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) continues to rise. IT solution providers say successful solutions require education and handholding, but that the investment makes it easier to manage those accounts, especially for disaster recovery applications.

2011-03-01 -- Triware Networld Systems, L.L.C.  Announces Plans for New Service & Support Operation Center (SSOC) with Cloud Enabled Features As It Celebrates 20th Anniversary  Company Announces Plans to Roll out SSOC Version 2.5 Capable of Monitoring, Deploying, Managing and Supporting All IP-Enabled Devices Anywhere in The Cloud This Summer.

2010-09-14 -- Triware Networld Systems Announces Successful IT Outsourcing Service to Help Client to Grow Rapidly in the Face of the Worst Recession in Recent Memory IT Service & Support Leader Provides IT Architecture Design, Implementation and Support to Address Leading Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider's Worldwide Growth in the Heart of Silicon Valley |  Triware Networld Systems to Provide On-going Service and Support, On-site IT Outsourcing and Strategic Assistance to Help NBS to Use IT as One of the Strategic Tools to Become a Fully Integrated, Computerized and Information and Intelligent Driven EMS Providers.

2009-12-01 -- Triware Networld Systems Announces Completion of IT Network Infrastructure for Crystal Springs Upland Schools |  Triware Networld to Provide On-going Service and Support, On-site IT Outsourcing and Strategic Assistance to Position School for its Future IT Challenges.

2008-12-05 -- Decoding Enterprise Email & Communications Needs | SMES rely on increasingly high-tech modes of communication to stay competitive. Email, IM, VoIP, and smart phones add functionality to an organization, but they also create additional challenges for the IT departments that must support and provide them. In order to apply multiple communications successfully, an enterprise must know what it needs, acquire the right technologies and services, and keep the devices secure and compliant.

2008-10-31 -- Cloud Computing Services | "I see this as a natural evolution of what has been happening for the past 20 years," said Benson Yeung, senior partner for Triware Networld Systems, a systems integrator in Santa Clara, Calif., that counts Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft and VMware among its technology partners. "The cloud is nothing more than an environment that encompasses the LAN, the WAN, the extranet, the intranet."

2008-06-24 -- Triware Networld Systems Now Offers CORE IMPACT – Industry’s Most Comprehensive Security Assessment Product – To Clients | Agreement Adds Award-Winning Security Product to Triware’s IT Network Security Practices and Overall Service & Support Offerings.

2007-06-27 -- Triware Networld Systems Partners with Agility Recovery Solutions Offering Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services to Clients | Partnership Creates new Triware IT Service & Support Package Combining Premier IT Network Service & Support with Disaster Recovery Coverage.

2006-09-21 -- Triware Networld Systems Announces Completion Of IT Network Infrastructure For San Francisco Conservatory Of Music’s (SFCM) New Campus | SFCM’s New Multi-Media Ready Network Uses State-of-the-Art VLAN and Positions the School for Future IT Service Expansion.

2006-05-22 -- Triware Networld Systems Donates Network Services To Non-Profit Family Resource Center Setting Up Microsoft Small Business Server & Cisco Network | Rio Vista CARE, Inc. Enhances Productivity with New Microsoft Exchange Email Server & Cisco Wireless Network Set up and Maintained by Triware Networld Systems.

2006-03-01 -- Triware Networld Systems, L.L.C. Announces Plans For New Service & Support Operation Center (SSOC) Features As It Celebrates 15th Anniversary | Company announces plans for new Microsoft CRM integration for its SSOC version 2.0 expected summer of 2006.

2006-02-13 -- Triware Networld Systems, L.L.C. Announces Completion of IT Security Network for New San Jose Credit Union Branch | Installation links newly opened branch with credit union headquarters providing redundant secure data network and remote backup storage.


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