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2012-12-01 -- Triware Networld Systems, L.L.C. Was Built Using 100 Percent Referrals |  TNS, in Silicon Valley, was built using 100 percent referrals. My thought has always been, "Take really good care of existing clients, and they will take care of you." Our elevator pitch at TNS is, "We are your family doctors for your IT needs."  Like in the old days, the family doctor implies good service and a caring approach.

2011-03-01 -- Triware Networld Systems, L.L.C.  Announces Plans for New Service & Support Operation Center (SSOC) with Cloud Enabled Features As It Celebrates 20th Anniversary  Company Announces Plans to Roll out SSOC Version 2.5 Capable of Monitoring, Deploying, Managing and Supporting All IP-Enabled Devices Anywhere in The Cloud This Summer.

2010-09-14 -- Triware Networld Systems Announces Successful IT Outsourcing Service to Help Client to Grow Rapidly in the Face of the Worst Recession in Recent Memory IT Service & Support Leader Provides IT Architecture Design, Implementation and Support to Address Leading Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider's Worldwide Growth in the Heart of Silicon Valley |  Triware Networld Systems to Provide On-going Service and Support, On-site IT Outsourcing and Strategic Assistance to Help NBS to Use IT as One of the Strategic Tools to Become a Fully Integrated, Computerized and Information and Intelligent Driven EMS Providers.

2009-12-01 -- Triware Networld Systems Announces Completion of IT Network Infrastructure for Crystal Springs Upland Schools |  Triware Networld to Provide On-going Service and Support, On-site IT Outsourcing and Strategic Assistance to Position School for its Future IT Challenges.

2008-06-24 -- Triware Networld Systems Now Offers CORE IMPACT – Industry’s Most Comprehensive Security Assessment Product – To Clients | Agreement Adds Award-Winning Security Product to Triware’s IT Network Security Practices and Overall Service & Support Offerings.

2007-06-27 -- Triware Networld Systems Partners with Agility Recovery Solutions Offering Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services to Clients | Partnership Creates new Triware IT Service & Support Package Combining Premier IT Network Service & Support with Disaster Recovery Coverage.

2006-09-21 -- Triware Networld Systems Announces Completion Of IT Network Infrastructure For San Francisco Conservatory Of Music’s (SFCM) New Campus | SFCM’s New Multi-Media Ready Network Uses State-of-the-Art VLAN and Positions the School for Future IT Service Expansion.

2006-05-22 -- Triware Networld Systems Donates Network Services To Non-Profit Family Resource Center Setting Up Microsoft Small Business Server & Cisco Network | Rio Vista CARE, Inc. Enhances Productivity with New Microsoft Exchange Email Server & Cisco Wireless Network Set up and Maintained by Triware Networld Systems.

2006-03-01 -- Triware Networld Systems, L.L.C. Announces Plans For New Service & Support Operation Center (SSOC) Features As It Celebrates 15th Anniversary | Company announces plans for new Microsoft CRM integration for its SSOC version 2.0 expected summer of 2006.

2006-02-13 -- Triware Networld Systems, L.L.C. Announces Completion of IT Security Network for New San Jose Credit Union Branch | Installation links newly opened branch with credit union headquarters providing redundant secure data network and remote backup storage.

2005-08-15 -- Triware Networld Systems Partners with RSA Security to Bring Clients Better Solutions | “Partnering with RSA Security will bring a higher level of authentication solutions to our client base.” – Benson Yeung, TNS Senior Partner.

2005-04-15 -- Triware Networld Systems Warns Clients of Growing Hacks | “With new means of communication, hackers are finding new means of stealing data from organizations.” – Benson Yeung, TNS Senior Partner.

2005-01-15 -- Triware Networld Systems Introduces Affordable IP-Based PBX & VoIP Integration Services | “In the future, after great coordination and approval, it is possible that all major companies will be able to go online and use IP-based phones.” – Jun Pan, Manager of China Travel Service (USA), Inc.

2004-12-01 -- Triware Networld Systems Brings IT Community Closer Through Discussion Lists | “Over the years, I’ve learned as much or more from our clients as they’ve learned from me. We’re all better off by sharing our knowledge and know-how rather than keeping it to ourselves.” – Benson Yeung, TNS Senior Partner.

2004-10-01 -- Triware Networld Systems Launches Innovative eStore | “With this effective eCommerce site, we are laying the foundation for our growth by allowing our clients to do transactions that would replace the traditional way of purchasing products and services from TNS.” – Benson Yeung, TNS Senior Partner.

2004-07-15 -- Triware Networld Systems Celebrates First Year of Success with Service and Support Operation Center | “Over the last 12 months we have had many successes preventing and identifying problems that were either avoided or solved very quickly because of our Service and Support Operation Center services.” – Benson Yeung, TNS Senior Partner.

2003-08-08 -- China Travel Service (USA), Inc. (CTS) Strongly Recommends TNS | During the past 12 years, we had countless urgent needs, but whenever we called or e-mailed TNS, they have always responded and acted according to the level of emergency”

2003-08-01 -- Triware Networld Systems Announces the Partnership with Sonasoft | “Having a company such as Triware select Sonasoft as a business partner is a strong testament to the quality and value of our products. We’re confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial to both the companies.”

2003-07-15 -- TNS Announces the Creation of a New Service and Support Operation Center (SSOC) | Clients have enjoyed the service offerings of TNS for more than a decade, and with the new Service and Support Operation Center, continuous around the clock “Real-Time” monitoring and management of our clients’ network is being offered without the need for expensive dedicated connections.

2003-03-01 -- TeleSynergy Welcomes Triware Networld Systems to their Business Partner Roster | “TNS has an excellent reputation for their service and system integration.”

2002-07-01 -- Triware Networld Systems Exceeds Reputation |  “TNS not only lived up to their reputation but exceeded it.”

2002-07-01 -- San Francisco Conservatory of Music Hires and Recommends Triware Networld Systems | “They have been invaluable in the implementation of new services and in facilitating our rapid growth.”

2002-06-25 -- Announcing the Acquisition and Expansion of Our Headquarters | Triware Networld Systems is pleased to announce the acquisition and expansion of its headquarters to the heart of the high-tech community in Silicon Valley.

2002-06-15 -- K2 Optronics, Inc. Reaffirms Its Highest Recommendation of Triware Networld Systems | K2 Optronics, Inc. Reaffirms Its Highest Recommendation of Triware Networld Systems.


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