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TNS Provides Outsourced IT Support at an Affordable Price


Since 1991, Triware Networld Systems has helped small- and medium-sized businesses realize the cost savings of outsourcing their IT needs. TNS provides the most affordable, quality IT support without sacrificing our notorious dedication to clients.

Starting up and maintaining a successful business can be rough. At times, everything seems to come at a high price. First, there are employee salaries. Next, there’s office rent and supply costs. Then, there are standard operating fees like telephone and Internet services.

In the world of start-up companies, Triware Networld Systems (TNS) understands that Information Technology support services can rank low on a business owner’s priority list.

But what many businesses don’t realize is that, if done correctly, an outsourced IT team can lead to enormous cost savings, allowing companies to focus on growth and becoming more competitive.

TNS has served as a 24-hour IT support group for numerous start-up, small- and mid-sized companies since March, 1991. We are continuously developing new and more efficient ways of providing our clients with the same or better dependable IT services that they would receive with a fully staffed IT department.

“We serve as many of our clients’ virtual IT departments, Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers,” said TNS Senior Partner Benson Yeung. “We do more for less.”

Forget the costs of employing an expensive full-time IT staff and forget the costs of maintaining complicated networks. TNS offers our clients the same dedicated IT support at a price that they can afford.

“The economy of outsourcing service is quite evident when taking into consideration that a small business only requires about 4 hours of on-site support each week, sometimes less,” Yeung said. “TNS is able to achieve such efficiency by using the most advanced service and support methods developed in-house and hiring the best-trained engineers in the business.”

For example, PCB Assembly, Inc., which has since been bought by Flextronics, began its computer system with one server, 10 personal computers and a complete lack of IT support. Business was growing rapidly, and the company’s owner found his business incapable of keeping up the network capabilities required for such growth.

“It was realized early on that computer and networking requirements would mushroom rather quickly,” Yeung said.

PCB Assembly, Inc. went in search of an affordable IT firm that he could count on for dedicated, hands-on support. The company was also looking for a firm that could monitor its growth and think of affordable ways to keep up with it.

“PCB Assembly, Inc. was looking for a firm that would take a share of the hard work required, one that would provide efficient, quality service,” Yeung said.

Through referrals, PCB Assembly, Inc. found TNS, which eventually became the company’s sole provider of outsourced computer and network operations for ten years. As the business grew to become a $500 million data communication & computer related hardware manufacturer, TNS was able to ensure that its computer and networking requirements grew along with it but no the on site outsourcing hours.  On average, TNS spent only 20 hours a week on site.

New computers were added on a weekly basis until the company was boasting more than 200 personal computers. The company’s one server grew to eight servers. Meanwhile, physically, the company was expanding from one to five buildings.

TNS took it upon ourselves to provide system installations and ongoing network support, including file servers, routers and switches from Cabletron and Cisco, a Wireless Laser Bridge, multiple T1s and fiber optic connectively among all 5 buildings.

TNS also set up extranet and EDI to provide the company with world-class communication between its client facilities and to ensure secure business operations. Meanwhile, TNS engineers provided support on a broad range of software, including NT servers, MS SQL, MS Exchange, a fax server, Raptor firewalls, Mobile VPN, RAS, anti-virus software and numerous vertical applications.

Another client, AMP, Inc., which was eventually bought by Tyco, entrusted TNS to provide IT support for its network of 20 personal computers, accompanied by full-time IT personnel and consultants, for ten years. According to AMP, Inc.’s chief financial officer, the company’s costs of operating its small computer network were outweighing its returns before TNS first came aboard.

“The first steps TNS took were to send in our most seasoned engineers to conform the company’s network to our own high standards and automate as much of the company’s manual process as possible,” Yeung said. “In doing so, the company’s computer environment became much more stable.”

TNS then sent in an on-site support engineer to take over AMP, Inc.’s day-to-day IT operations, which included support for mainframe connectivity using WAN resources, Cisco routers, Hewlett Packard flavored Unix, NT servers, NT workstations, Win9x, office applications and vertical applications. Our engineer also provided employee training.

Eventually, AMP, Inc. was able to purchase 100 more personal computers and expanded its operations to a second building. With that, TNS established a T1 line that linked the company’s two buildings together.

“Our client recognized the financial savings that came with its outsourcing agreement with TNS,” Yeung said. “The agreement reduced employee payrolls, turnover costs, inherent taxes, administrative costs, training costs, management overhead and other benefit costs.”

TNS engineers have always rated our success through the success of our clients in their industries. But time and again, many clients have felt the need to voice their recommendations for TNS’s outsourced services.

Todd Rockoff, who was chairman and chief executive officer of Intensys Corporation, described TNS’s outsourced services as “prompt and effective.”

“From day one, TNS went beyond the role of implementer and presented us with many valuable architectural and planning insights,” Rockoff said. “Their diligence in running the daily back-ups of our Windows and UNIX environment gave me peace of mind in the event of any disaster.”

Rockoff said TNS’s most significant contribution came from its 24-hour availability.

“In our experience, every time an urgent issue arose, we received a prompt response from TNS,” he said. “This willingness to go the extra mile was especially important to Intensys as a dynamic start-up.”

“This diligence distinguished TNS,” he said.

AMP, Inc. Director of Finance and Administration James Wenks voiced a similar appreciation.

“We were very pleased with the timeliness and thoroughness of the TNS personnel to both take care of our current needs and advise us of how we can protect our investments and utilize it to the greatest extent,” Wenks said. “They respond quickly to our needs and provide permanent solutions to our problems.”

Wenks said he also appreciated TNS’s dedication to explaining complex computer and networking issues with AMP, Inc. employees.

“TNS is able to handle the technical issues and deal with the hardware and software professionals outside of our organization and yet discuss these issues with me in layman terms,” he said.

Since 1991 our Outsourcing Agreements have been tailored to your specific service and support needs. We provide different levels of service and support agreements for our clients. We offer 24x7x365 Service & Support Operation Center (SSOC) services to all of our Outsourcing Clients.  With SSOC, we can monitor & manage your network real-time and notify you of any issues.  The Agreement also provides telephone hot line and pager numbers in case of emergence. We visit all of our outsourcing clients in a pre-defined interval to performing routine IT tasks and preventive maintenance.

Key Benefits

bulletProvide Additional Support To Your Internal IT Needs
bulletProvide 7x24x365 SSOC Coverage To Your Mission Critical Network
bulletReduce Cost of Paying Multiple Vendors for Support
bulletProvide Consistent & Complete Help Desk Service & Support
bulletReduce The Cost of Hiring Multiple Skill Levels & The Cost of Management
bulletAccess To A Team of Well Trained & Hard Working Engineers

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