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Solution 1:

This client, like most small businesses, essentially began with the absence of dedicated support for their small LAN consisting of 1 server and 10 PCs. The business was growing very rapidly – a direct result of the leadership and hard work of the company owner, and the quality of products being produced. The company manufactures high-end routers, switches and other data communications components for its clients that read like the Who’s Who of the data communication and computer world - Ascend, Cabletron, Cisco, Compaq, Lucent, and others. It was realized, early on, that computer and networking requirements would mushroom rather quickly.

To find the solution, the company owner set out to find a firm that he could count on to serve his needs and also the needs demanded by his customers - the world’s leading data communication and computer companies. He was looking for a firm that would share in the hard work required and one that would provide efficient, quality service. He also needed a firm that would keep up with his skyrocketing growth and networking requirements on a 7x24x365 basis.

TNS was referred to the company owner at this early stage and became the sole outsourcing provider to handle the entire computer operations scenario. As the business grew, the computer and networking requirements also grew. New computers were added weekly into the production environment. The 1 server expanded to 8 and the PCs grew to over 200 with both numbers still growing. Physically, the company expanded from 1 to 5 buildings. Installation and ongoing network support included file servers, routers and switches from Cabletron and Cisco, Wireless Laser Bridge, multiple T1s, and fiber optic connectivity among the 5 buildings. Extranet and EDI were also set up to provide world-class communication between the company and its client facilities to insure secure business operations. Software support included NT servers, MS SQL, MS Exchange, Fax server, Raptor firewalls, Mobile VPN, RAS and multiple vertical applications and anti-virus software.

TNS has been servicing this extremely satisfied client in excess of 5 years and retains 100% of its outsourcing computer and network requirements. The economy of outsourcing service is quite evident when taken into consideration that only 20 hours per week are currently used to support this site. TNS is able to achieve such efficiency by using the most advanced service and support methods developed in-house, by using years of hard earned experience, by hiring only the best and well trained engineers in the business, by working harder, and by always going beyond expectations.

At the time of this writing, the company is on a $500 million annual revenue run rate, employed 650 people and occupied 185,000 square feet of manufacturing space in both Santa Clara and Sunnyvale.

Solution 2:

This client was a local operation of a worldwide billion-dollar organization that supported a network of approximately 20 PCs with a number of permanent IT personnel and consultants. Expenditures for this small network outweighed the return on investment being realized. Their Chief Financial Officer investigated the benefits of outsourcing and was referred to TNS by a satisfied TNS client to support their current and future computer and network requirements.

Initial steps were for TNS to send in our most seasoned engineers to gradually convert the computer and network setup to standards based on TNS developed methods, and automate as much of the manual processes as possible. In so doing, the environment became much more stable. Once stability had been achieved, we then sent in our on-site support engineer to take over the day-to-day operations. Services provided included support for mainframe connectivity using WAN resources, Cisco routers, Hewlett Packard flavored Unix, NT Servers, NT workstations, Win9x, supporting office and multiple vertical applications, and user training. Subsequently, the 20 PCs increased to over 100 and the client has expanded operations into a second building with the introduction of a T-1 line to link the two buildings together.

This client recognized the financial implications in an outsourcing agreement with TNS. Savings were realized by reason of reduced employee payrolls, turnover costs, inherent taxes, administrative costs, training costs, management overhead, and other benefit costs. TNS, having created this carefree environment, has been servicing this client for the past 6 years. To maintain this complex and high-production environment, TNS only spends a mere 20 hours per week with 7x24x365 coverage and a guarantee for emergency response time. Once again, by using our proven service and support methods, TNS does more with less, leaving the client the ability to focus and grow their business along with being more competitive in its marketplace.

Solution 3:

This client is rather new to the business world in that it is a startup high-tech corporation funded by venture capital. Because of our reputation, they were referred to TNS (like many other Silicon Valley high-tech startups), for their small but growing Information Technology service and support needs.

Requirements for this client include desktop and notebook personal computers, printing equipment, file servers, firewalls, email, the corporate web server, information storage and backup, user training, and networking related products. TNS was able to spend less than one month to design, implement, and test a 4 server network with a growing number of laptops and desktops being added monthly.

The uniqueness to this solution is that TNS has entered into a partnership agreement with this client to provide the entire computer and network support services for the corporation. Certainly a new corporate entity needs as much fiscal stability as can be mustered, and TNS feels it is making a contribution to that stability. Additionally, it should be emphasized that there is a tremendous trust factor involved here. This is a mutual trust in that TNS contributes to the support services of the corporation and the corporation believes in the services being provided by TNS.

Over the years, TNS has developed as an efficient and reliable Information Technology (IT) provider using well-developed methods and solutions that have proven successful by being implemented in many real-world start-up situations. We serve as many of these startups virtual IT departments, Chief Information Officers, and Chief Technology Officers. Please refer to our web page for our client list and news releases regarding some of these successful high-flying fast startups and publicly held companies. We believe in long term mutually successfully partnerships as one our philosophies, and we have not done our job unless we can contribute to the success of our clients.


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