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Service & Support Operation Center (SSOC) is a 24x7x365 real-time, cloud-enabled network monitor and management operation center.  It is designed with many years of hard earned field experiences and state of art technologies developed and integrated in house.  The SSOC is to provide our clients with the lowest cost possible way to monitor and manage their network with up-to-date technologies and know-how.  Penetration assessment will be performed on our monitored and managed sites regularly to ensure the best possible security for outsourced and maintenance clients.  Should emergencies arise, our well-trained engineers may be dispatched to client sites 24x7x365.


The SSOC has built in redundancy from Internet connections to monitor and management servers and workstations.  The Internet router is programmed with BGP so that if one of our ISPs goes down, the router is smart enough to route all the traffic to and from the alternative ISP.  Our connection bandwidth is also built to scale from 1.44MB (T1) to 10MB (Wireless) when necessary.  Each monitored nodes has two routes to connect to our SSOC.  There is not dedicated or VPN connection necessary for the monitoring to work.

Key Benefits

bullet Reduce short and long term capital spending on additional hardware and software which would be required to provide. the same level of SSOC services.
bulletReduce time spent on overall IT maintenance related issues Estimated maintenance issues are consuming a minimum of 50% of total IT time.
bulletReduce errors made performing IT maintenance by taking advantage of the TNS procedural approach and expertise.
bulletReduce the need to stay after hours and weekends by taking advantage of the SSOC 24x7x365 operation.
bulletAbility to have 24x7x365 real time monitoring and notification of:
  1. Your Network Issues
  2. Your System Issues
  3. Your Application Issues
  4. Your Security Issues
  5. Your Environment Issues
bulletAbility to monitor your critical equipments and server room Temperature (-40F to 212F), Humidity (5% to 95%) & Wetness (1% to 100%).
bulletAbility to have 24x7x365 real time corrective action taken by our SSOC Engineers, if necessary, remotely or on-site.
bulletAbility to patch your critical OS and applications after hours and weekends by our SSOC Engineers remotely or on-site.
bulletAbility to restart your mission critical applications remotely or on-site.
bulletAbility to track the possible Network Intruder by our SSOC Engineers remotely or on-site.
bulletAbility to provide up-to-date Network Documentation (Green Book) for your review.

Sample Views

Client Views (from End-User's point of view)

bullet Connectivity
bullet DNS
bullet FTP
bullet HTTP
bulletMany others, including standard and customized protocols.

Server Views (from IT support's point of view)

bullet CPU
bullet DISK
bullet ENVIRONMENT (Humidity, Temperature & Wetness)
bullet MEMORY
bullet EVENT MESSAGE (Filtered by our Artificial Intelligence  engine)
bullet PROCESS
bullet SERVICE
bullet SMTP
bulletMany others, including customized software for testing Bank's ATM machine, hardware issues like Power Supply, Fan, RAID and so on.

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