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Solution 1:

This government contractor required a migration of 1200 PC and MAC workstation clients from DEC Pathworks to Novell NetWare.

To accomplish this task, NetWare servers were installed along with the design and construction of an automated procedure using both batch files and some customized computer programs that reduced the time to convert a client workstation by 70%.  An additional benefit of this automated client conversion procedure was that it allowed less experienced individuals to accomplish the conversion work.  All clients were converted in a 6-month period of time with minimal disruption.

Subsequently, this contractor required conversion from Novell NetWare servers to Microsoft NT servers.  The migration resulted in 60 NetWare servers being replaced by 10 NT servers using NetWare emulation.  This was accomplished without having to touch any of the previously converted client workstations resulting in a huge financial saving.  Additionally, Microsoft’s System Management Server was installed to assist in better managing of the network.

Solution 2:

A computer equipment leasing company with over 100 internal workstations wanted to alter their network solution by migrating from a DEC VAX to a Novell NetWare File Server.

As an initial test, 5 PC workstations were installed on the NetWare file server.  Next, PC workstations were given access via Windows to both VAX and NetWare based applications.  After a successful test period, the remaining VAX user accounts and applications were transferred to the NetWare server thereby completing the migration.

This successful migration occurred with minimal disruption to the employees allowing for continuity in work patterns and no loss of business.


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